Welcome to the Future of online marketing

Soko Swift messenger is the recent most powerful tool for business and personal communication via bulk SMS and email. Carefuly curated with the latest web technology here is the experience our users get from SokoSwift Messenger.

Automated Messaging service

1. This is a marketing feature. Create a chain of messages as many as you want

2. Create a schedule of how you would like these messages to go out e.g daily at 7:33 pm

3. Add the contacts you want to be reached by these messages into this schedule

3. Sit, relax, Let the system do the magic. Wait for clients to call.

4. You can create as many schedules as you wish.

Easy Data Interoperability

1. Import data from your phone into the system

2. We have efficient api to capture data from your website contact and sign up forms into the system

3. You can also upload contact from your gmail contact into the system easily in csv form

3. Upload these contacts into the system and start sending them bulk Email and SMS fast than before

4. You can also Export the contacts from the system to excel easily.

Integrated Messaging service

1. Send email Message to any email account. i.e. Yahoo, Gmail etc.

2. Get instant feedback from your customers into your messenger inbox. No need to switch between email accounts.

3. Send Bulk SMS at a faster rate and affordable cost than ever before

4. Email marketing just got easier. You can create campaigns, add images and nice ads and email them to client as direct messages or automated messages.

What People Say


Best automated messaging service. This is the best marketing solution any business can ever have. Thank you Sokoswift

Nathan Kimani - Business Owner, Nairobi Kenya

I Use Sokoswift for email and bulk sms marketing and addresses from my sign up and contact forms are added automatically to my address book and message schedules. Best automated online marketing platform ever!!

Jane Atandi - Entrepreneur, Nakuru Kenya

Energize your business

a. Quick Contact upload from your phonebook, email contact and other csv files.

b. Fast Data export from the application for use to other apps such as excel

c. Create campaign and schedule them for your emailing list as part of your marketing process

d. Low priced Bulk SMS Service integrated into the system with mpesa SMS credit purchase

e. Send beautiful formatted Bulk email Messages.

Get started

Developer Api

a. Develop your applications and use them to send sms and email using sokoswift messenger platform.

b. Intergrate our simple api to your application

c. Use your sokoswift account number to invoke bulk email and sms functions from sokoswift via your application.

d. Add contacts from your application or website contact form to your sokoswift messenger account.

e. Get started below

Download Sokoswift Messenger Api Download Sample Demo